19th Annual Colorado Road Trip



A single campsite near Twin Lakes CO. with people arriving as early as July 31st for camping as well as staying through August 8th.  I've never been to Colorado, so I've never been on this road trip.  Recently having attended the Northwest Shred Tour, I was anxious to camp and skate more.

My man Dan took the week off and we drove out Friday morning which allowed us to catch the tail end of the tour.  We arrived Saturday evening, set up camp and caught up with old friends (and introduced Dan to a bunch of rollerbladers).

On our way to the first spot on Sunday we had an epic view driving over the Alpines through Aspen...

Then we skated Snow Mass

Had an impromptu double date in Aspen: Aarin and Adam; Dan and myself hit up Aspen skatepark before heading back to camp.

At camp, a lot of the group refreshed themselves in the reservoir.

Monday we hit one last skatepark and dispersed.  Dan and I continued our road trip through Colorado and Utah, ending it in Morton WA for Loggers Jubilee and to see some family.  We covered a lot of ground, saw a lot of whacky things, cruised a lot of parks... Can't wait for the next trip!

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