Blading Cup Time

... it's about that time again.

nov. 5th 2016 is...

blading cup

Blading Cup, as we all know, is the annual event hosted by the one and only Jon Julio with the support of the blading community.  This event is without a doubt the largest west coast event in rollerblading.  

Starring such shredders as Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Montre Livingston, CJ Wellsmore, David Sizemore, Jeff Stockwell, Richie Eisler and many many more... You don't want to miss this event!

The underrated sport of rollerblading becomes jaw dropping to passerby's who get a glimpse of the big ramps and rails across the course stretching through the streets in Santa Ana, CA.  It's not every day you see such unique obstacles scattered across the open concrete downtown this quant city (or any for that matter).  It's rad to see the community of rollerbladers swarm around the ramps for the contest.   

Every year is a new course.

Every year brings new skaters.

Every year has a new winner.

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