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Hi, I'm Megan.  My life is basically blading and coffee.   

Shooting photos and going on blade-ventures is my life.  I have a ton of photos that have been sitting around with nowhere for them to go, so I made this blog.  

It would be cool if there was a blade hub for all the cool photos and video to go to.  I really dig the news that comes from blade companies about their riders, new sponsored skaters and new gear.  If there were a hub that is a community for the companies to submit their news, for filmers and photographers to submit their media, for brands to promote their goods... this would be rad.  

Blades & Coffee has a discussion page for chatting about making a community hub ran by a tight community of skaters, companies, filmers, photographers and writers.  Pour of cup of brew and lets talk about it.

- Megan 

Photo by Brandon Smith

Photo by Brandon Smith


A little bit about me:  I've been around rollerblading for about a decade. In 2008 I started to really enjoy shooting photos of rollerblading.  In 2012 decided to get into it, but wanted to learn to skate with girls so I moved into a house of bLadies (aka the "Blouse").
I've been battling arthritis pretty heavily for years.  I don't always get to skate, so I love going out to shoot!
Now an independent photographer in Portland OR, I spend all my time in the photo studio, skijouring with my husky or out skating.  Needless to say, I think about rollerblading a lot.